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In the entire history of gambling, slot machines did not have such popularity as in the modern world. Over the past two decades, the development of video slots has become a special art that not many companies can afford. Modern online slots have interesting graphics, exciting gameplay, as well as incredible opportunities for obtaining large multiplication in X of several thousand per bet.

How to find the best online slots?

slots machine icon png If previously the game process was limited by the coincidence of characters along the lines, then today's games are a whole galaxy of interesting functions and random activations. Modern online casinos can include more than 1,500 different video slots from various providers. Each company approaches its business in its own way and includes its own chips in the gameplay.

The most desired feature in slot machines is free spins. However, not every game has free spins, before the game you can read the details and find out all the subtleties of the process. Getting the maximum win is often available only in free spins. Increased multipliers, expandable characters and other functions.

The best slots, when it comes to them, each player can name their favorite list. There are generally recognized and most popular slots, which are considered the most popular among the rest. Despite this, users with game experience develop their own tastes.

Mobile slots that can be launched from the gadget. Today, almost all providers immediately adapt software for mobile devices. Some games may require moving the device to a horizontal position for convenience.
RTP is the percentage embedded in a gaming machine that calculates returns. There are slots that have up to 99% return. It is in them that it is usually forbidden to win back the bonus balance. You can read more about the return through the subtitle.

Checking slots for honesty

lighting color png Honest slot machines have a huge structure with which many readers may not be familiar. The development of casino gaming software is a painstaking process that takes a lot of time and money. To begin with, it’s worth understanding the order of interactions between companies and gambling resources in order to understand the whole difficulty of the process and how to personally verify the originality of software.

Providers, like online casinos, have licenses to carry out activities. Before you start developing software for virtual clubs, you need to submit an application to several supervisory authorities and only after successful commissions start activities.

Suppose a provider has developed a gaming machine before placing it with partners, it should be checked by several licensors. After successful checks, the game receives a certificate and is ready to be placed on casino shelves.

Start cooperation with providers can only online casinos with a license. In collaboration with scripting portals, developers may lose their license and reputation. Therefore, it makes no sense to risk and engage in the supply of software to unscrupulous institutions.

Therefore, honest slot machines can be found only in licensed clubs. See the list of the best casinos, every resource in it is checked.

You can personally verify the originality of software. Open the game and press the hot key to display the source code of the page. With licensed software, the connection should be directly with the provider, and not with the casino.

Highest Payout Casinos in Slots

rtp slots When creating video slots, they include the mechanics of the game process, a random number generator with a set percentage of RTP. It stands for “Return to Player”. Beginners often pay attention to him and choose a game by this indicator. A high percentage of returns cannot guarantee a win, even if it is - 99%.

It should be noted that several hundreds of players can play in the same online slot and most of them are lucky, and the other is not very. Popular slots for money in licensed institutions cannot be tightened up so that newcomers do not think. Software is checked by regulators for honesty and security, therefore fraudulent actions are excluded.

As an example, the popular video slot from NetEnt, Dead or Alive 2 with RTP is 96.82%. There are games with high rates, but the potential in DOA 2 allows you to get multiplication from x100.000 per bet. It is worth taking into account not only the percentage of return, but also the maximum capabilities of the software.

List of the best casinos with slot machines

The popularity of cash game portals has brought slots to a new level of demand. If previously players were interested in the BlackJack card game , roulette for money and other board games, today “one-armed bandits” attract all attention. The field of software development has become very popular, and many programmers rushed to open their own companies.

As in any business, this area has its own leaders and outsiders. On average, licensed online casinos host more than 20 providers, but among them must be popular.
Here are some of the most famous today:

  • NetEnt - a company founded in the nineties, which began to delight players with the advent of gambling portals. Colorful software, vivid graphics and incredible atmosphere of the gameplay. Games from the provider are famous for their large multiplications and a large number of bonus features.
  • Microgaming is a provider who was one of the first to create a progressive jackpot slot. The first was lied in 2011 and amounted to 17 million Euros. Such an event did not go unnoticed and the popularity of software did not take long. Incredible multiplications and an exciting process.
  • Novomatic is the legendary software that is still located in the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and other gambling zones. Adapted gaming machines are available online. The provider can be called a pioneer in the development of software.
  • Big Time Gaming - the above listed companies have a solid library of several dozen games. BTG focuses on the quality of development, and attracts the attention of players with quality. Incredible multiplications and a creative approach to business.

The most popular online slots at online casinos

Depending on the geo location, players are interested in different providers. It all depends on the virtual clubs that host one or another software. Streamers play a large role, this activity is very popular recently. Users from Germany are more interested in slot machines from EGT , Merkur , Novomatic , etc.

With the acquisition of experience, each user creates a list of favorite games, regardless of the country of residence.

Combinations and special characters:

Before starting the game you need to know a few basic terms for further convenience.

  • WILD is a frantic symbol that replaces all other symbols to win on the line. Often this symbol helps to get free spins.
  • Scatter - a drop of several symbols activates a bonus game or free spins. In some providers, this symbol is intended solely for winning, and not launching the bonus.
  • Multiplier - used in modern and some obsolete slots. The multiplier allows you to multiply the winnings in the bonus game or regular spins.
  • The number and value of coins - using the buttons you can adjust the level of bets for one rotation. Sometimes the value of a coin can be less than one unit, that is, 0.50.
  • Bonus - depending on the developer, the symbol is used to launch a bonus game or activate free spins. Part of the video slots includes both functions.

Best Mobile Slots of 2020

icon slots Spending time at the computer is not always convenient and does not correspond to the modern rhythm of life. Most players prefer to spin slot machines using a smartphone or gadget. Games are adapted for both Android and iOS. You can use tablets, e-books with the operating system and other devices. The main thing is the availability of Internet access.

Among experienced gambling enthusiasts, there is an opinion that the return on a game from a computer or mobile phone is different. This is not so, the mechanics of the gameplay are identical in both cases.

Game Machine Developers

Not all famous providers were listed above, many of them will be recognized during the game. Below we make a couple of comparisons.

One of the few drawbacks of online slots is the actual non-participation in the gameplay. If in card and board games a decision can be made that will affect the winnings, but things are different with gaming machines.

If we take as an example popular slots for money, there are a lot of advantages that will cause more interest among beginners. Almost every provider has honest progressive jackpot slot machines. Many guests of gambling establishments won several tens of thousands of euros at a rate of 10-20 cents. The huge potential of modern slots makes them more popular.

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